Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Why am I so cheap?

If you are wondering why I am such a cheap ass, let's just say that I have a girlfriend who likes a lot of expensive stuff. She just bought the Deluxe Antibacterial Brush Set at Sephora for $79 CAD taxes not included. This is suppose to be a great deal and I have no idea why someone needs 7 different brushes that average $11.29 each. How many places can you brush? I don't understand, but as long as it makes my honey happy!


  1. You don't need to understand it at all. There are too many things that girls do are uncomprehensible or unexplainable. It's even worse when they say the brushes they have are not good enough and they need new brushes!

  2. Some insights in why you are a cheap ass.
    1. Family culture (i.e cheap nature and you are borned with the cheap genes)
    2. Your money is earned in the hard way (i.e. you are not doing a job that you find easy)
    3. You don't believe in quality stuff are usually expensive
    4. You don't believe in indulging yourselve or anyone you love/care because you might think it is unnecessary
    5. You like to see your money grow
    In general, it all boils down to your values or what you believe it's worth the money for.

  3. I agree with you, but somehow disagree with you. Being myself a girl, I only buy when necessary. I have also bought a set of nice brushes because the difference is very noticeable when I start putting makeup on my face with the nice brushes as compared to the cheap brushes made with synthetic material. And if the good ones last longer compared to the cheap ones, I still consider that's a better deal! =)

  4. In these tough economic times, everybody has a reason to be cheap. Frugal living is the new way of life! Eliminating waste and spending on necessity is the way to go!