Sunday, May 17, 2009

Geeky Saturday Night

I spent Saturday night at a Second Cup on St-Catherine street playing Nintendo DS with my girlfriend and three other friends in multiplayer mode using the wireless LAN connection.

I don't own a DS and I was playing with my girlfriend's console all night while she was watching me getting destroyed on Battle mode in Mario Kart DS
and Bomberman Land Touch.

We spent three hours there. I shared an Icy Fruit Smoothies, which tasted a lot like ice + water, with my girlfriend and also bought a Green Tea Latte for one of her friend. Total cost for the night $9.93 CAD!

Cheap night, right? :D

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  1. I have also tried their Fruit Smoothies at Second Cup. I remember they had sort of a Smoothie-like drink called Fruizzi (or Fritzzi or Fruitsie):p that taste much much better.