Thursday, May 28, 2009

What I hate in Montreal? Metro

After writing so many great cheap things about Montreal, I decided to write about some of the things I hate in Montreal. Even though I don't take the metro, I learned today that the metro to downtown Montreal was shutdown during rush hour. How do I know that? I called my girlfriend who was trying to go to downtown. Obviously, my girlfriend was in a bad mood. But, I guess the delays today were justified. There was a bomb threat. Hopefully, this will make my girlfriend feel less pissed off.


  1. I was there. It was horrible. I'm in grade 10 and I used to live on the South Shore so I know NOTHING of Montreal. I go to the gym at Jean Talon and I finished at around 6:30, oblivious of the 'situation'. While I'm walking to Jean Talon metro, I see this homeless guy and he really looks like he needs help so I give him all the money I have on me (2 dollars. By the way, my cellphone was dead). Then, I go on the metro (I live in Rosemount, two stops away). At Beaubien, the police stop everyone and tell them they have to get off. I ask what's going on and they were like 'all in good time, little girl' and I was like 'wtf I'm fifteen' Anyways, I hae NO idea how to get around Montreal so I was pretty much stuck there until I decided to take a random 'special' bus that was said to go on 'Rosemount'. Turns out it brought me to BERRI-UQAM. I was lost for like 3 hours trying to find my uncle's place right next to Mont Royal metro so he could, I don't know, CALL MY HOUSE and DRIVE ME HOME. Finally, after a lot of asking around, another bus to Beaubien that 'might stop at Rosemount' Thank god it did. Finally, I'm home.

    It's only when I come home that I find out that there was a BOMB SCARE!! I HAVE A FEAR OF BOMBINGS, OKAY!! THERE'S A TRIP FOR LONDON COMING UP AND I CAN'T GO BECAUSE I DON'T WANT TO DIE. I really want to go though ):

    The single worst experience in my life, since I know nothing of Montreal.


  2. Christ, get over it. This was a metro disturbance, not World War III! If you were away from your destination then you could and did figure it out.

    You panic too much.

  3. Metro stinks and is dirty, they had better clean it up and put more security in every metro station and at the entrance. This would help everyone.

  4. montreals metro is just pathetic I live @ verdun metro,and work @ mcgill metro....please explain to me how its possible that taking my bike to work is ALWAYS (as in consistently...every single day) faster then taking the metro. Wow bomb scare fantastic...what their excuse for every other day, if it rains or I have to see clients, I take the metro, and its guaranteed I will be late to the office in the morning and late to my sons day care in the evening. And the worst part is I LEAVE EARLIER THEN WHEN I TAKE MY BIKE!!!!! Sad, I am so glad I am not buying monthly passes from these thieves....

  5. I was there when all that bomb threat thing started happening. I was at Lionel-Groulx when they stopped the metro, that was around 5:10. Then I heard one announcement saying "all employees working at station Berri-UQAM please all go to the upper level". It was then that i knew something might went very wrong at Berri station. I was supposed to be at Mcgill University by 5:15 to attend my friend's convocation/graduation, so I got off at Atwater, thinking that I could take the 24 Bus to go all the way to McGill. then it took 25 minutes and i was still only 2 blocks away from Atwater metro (as if it diddn't move at all!) so i decided to get off the bus, and walk to mcgill...and I got there by 6. My friend had to return her gown, the ceremony was over..what a bad day!!
    Metro here is really bad. they know they are bad, they should at least have some plan B (have more shuttle buses, more security, etc). I really don't like the metro neither, but when you live in South Shore and have to work close to montreal North, and you don't want to be stuck in traffic, you have no choice but to pay those monthly passes anyway...=(

  6. You guys are totally crazy! Taking a bike is faster in pretty much every city there is. That's why so many people use bikes. Plus they're fun. Cars are also way slower than bikes. Therefore, the main reason people take the metro, or cars for that matter, is that they are convenient and easy. No work involved. Isn't it nice to relax? I guess not when you have to relax for too long... HA!