Monday, June 1, 2009

Why am I so cheap 2?

My girlfriend has always said that I am too skinny and do not dress appropriately for someone of my size. Recently, she found a site which offered dressing tips for skinny men and pointed to me some of the mistakes I have made:

3. Fit for Fight
Now, as opposed to shirts, jackets need to be as fitted as possible. Wearing loose jacket is definitely a big NO-NO as it will make you look even thinner.

5. Vertical Stripes Are Not Cool
Not if you are skinny or even thin for that matter. Though vertical stripes are the current trend right now, wearing them tend to make you look more slender. So, it’s best to avoid them. If you feel that you MUST wear stripes, team it with a jacket or blazer.

7. Jacket Length
Jackets must not be too long nor too short and the ideal length should be somewhere near the buttocks. Jackets that are too long will drown a smaller person whereas shorter jackets will draw attention to skinny legs.

Since reading this article, we have been shopping for a jacket that would meet the above criteria. Unfortunately, jackets that fit skinny men vary from $200 to $400. This obviously is a no-no for a cheap ass such as myself. Therefore, you will soon be seeing me at a gym drinking protein drinks and making myself fat!


  1. Then you'd be spending more on foods! The best way to gain weight is not protein drink, it's Coca cola.

  2. What happened? It says your site is under review.