Friday, June 5, 2009

How to make money from a blog? Google AdWords

Have you ever wondered how much money Google AdSense generated in revenue per click? Or, have you asked yourself whether your content belong in a niche market that would generate high revenue? Well, you can now find the answer by visiting Google AdWords. This tool was meant to be used by advertiser to calculate their cost per click. But, my guess is that a large part of their cost will eventually end up in your pocket. I decided to test this tool by entering some keywords and here are some cost per click results:
  • money accounts = $14.18
  • blog = $3.13
  • movies = $0.93
As you can see, ads on money accounts cost a lot more than blog and movie advertisements. I should really consider writing more posts regarding money accounts and


  1. You are still flagged. I can't see update of your blog in mine.
    Your ads are mostly about blog. I don't think "blog" pays much.

  2. Thank you it has been a wonderful support, now to make money from a blog? google adwords is definitely simple utilizing your guidance. Thank you